Update your model annotations and schedule in a single click


Every designer or technician knows that annotating drawings from the model is a time consuming and tedious task.

Keynotes allows you to annotate your drawings quickly and simply with greater accuracy by providing a framework to create a database of notes (or to transfer an existing database) so that notes automatically attach to elements based on their attributes.

You can place a full note without any reference directly on a drawing. Alternatively you can place a reference key on the drawing and then Keynotes compiles a schedule of these notes.


Keynote databases can be imported in Tab-separated or Comma-separated text format.


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We are extremely happy with the added value this tool (Keynotes) gives our office.


I am really happy with my last purchase of keynotes. Such a difference for our process.


Love Keynotes!


If you use abbreviations on your projects, then this tool is a must. Everyone knows that abbreviations are only useful if they are consistently correct, this tool gives you that as it accesses an independent database. Which means if you change an abbreviation or descriptor in the database, then all of your drawings will update.

John Coglan / 23/01/2008
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