Voted the most needed ArchiCAD tool by NZ users! / Simply place electrical fittings, circuits and wiring on your drawings


The Cadimage Electrical Tool is here to take the frustration out of creating Electrical Layouts in ArchiCAD, and to provide a much-needed injection of Speed!

The first thing you'll notice when placing your electrical symbols, is that there is no fiddly dragging and rotating required - you set the elevation you want when you place them, and they automatically rotate and position themselves to your walls after you click.

Making circuits is simple too - just select all the elements you want to wire up, and then with the click of one button, Cadimage Electrical automatically draws in the wiring for you. When you move elements that having wiring attached, the wiring will follow along, so there's no need to clean up your wiring as you change your Electrical Layout.

The Electrical tool comes with a library of Power Points, Switches, Jacks, and other Wall Plates, which can all be shown as either the Wall Plate itself, or the individual components which that Wall Plate contains.

Also included are a set of Templates for Electrical Schedules that you can import and modify to suit you. Scheduling is done by ArchiCAD's built-in Scheduler, so you won't need to learn anything new to get your schedules produced.

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