Design your own door and window solutions

Doors + Windows

Why limit your design freedom by having to choose from a predetermined list of different window objects?

Instead try a single customizable object and save your favourites from there. Doors+Windows gives you the freedom to explore a greater variety of door and window styles with a variety of panels, opening methods, trims and sills.

It also includes a unique scheduling tool with customizable notes.

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479.00 USD

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We'd been eyeing this tool for some time and thank goodness I decided to finally try it - had no idea there was a sale and now after trying the whole team gets to enjoy the ease and operability of the tool!

jeremy w / 23/06/2014

Door and Window Builder is the best window and door add-on around, far better than the AC12 issued with the software, in fact I now never use AC doors or windows and only use Cadimage doors and windows for everthing.

phddesign / 21/11/2008

The door and window has every possible type of door or window inside of this object. The scheduling with automatic dimensions and notes makes the door and window builder a very productive and useful addition to our library.

John Coglan / 23/01/2008

This tool I use exclusively in all my models. The detailing is sharpe, interface is intuitive and logical, but the icing on the cake is it's graphical scheduling prowness. Love it. I just waiting for the time when they release a custom door panel option to go with the multitude in place already.

John Steen / 23/01/2008

The best ArchiCAD add-on avaible bar none. The Indispensible tool.

cfdarch / 10/12/2007
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