About Us

Cadimage is committed to developing and distributing tools to help Architects and Designers get the most out of ArchiCAD. We think that helping you get things done faster, and with less frustration, is good for everyone. Because what we all want in the end, is to Create Great Buildings.

We're based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we have happy customers all around the world. We've been making our ArchiCAD Productivity tools since 1999.

The Cadimage Team consists of a team of people from various backgrounds and with different experience who work together to provide you with the support you need to Unleash ArchiCAD.

Here at Cadimage, we see the initial software purchase as only a small part of our customers' overall investment and the true value comes in the right people working towards delivering the right solutions because we understand our customers' businesses and how the software can be applied for practical workable outcomes.

Here's what one of our customers recently said:

"I praise your products wherever possible and importantly, the support offered by you guys."

Brett Turner, Design Plus Group (December 2013)

Cadimage is a part of the Cadimage Group - feel free to check out the full Cadimage Group Team.