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Design stairs with flexibility and freedom, straight onto your model.

With Cadimage Stairs, you have access to a range of individual components that allow for highly flexible stair configurations for both residential and commercial designs.

Railings can be associated with stairs, slabs or even stand-alone, so that stairs can easily wind at varied widths and heights and open on to landings. Stair assemblies can be edited, labelled and output as if they were a single object.

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"The Cadimage Stair is intuitive and accurate, but most importantly, highly flexible - I can design any stair and railing quickly and efficiently."
- website feedback



"The best."
- David R


Stair Options

  • Enter the Overall Height for the Stair Assembly then stretch and place Flights, Winders and/or Landings
  • Riser height is automatically adjusted across the entire assembly
  • Dynamically adjust individual components for tapers, curves and spirals
  • Split Stair Function allows you to edit stairs - break a long run flight of stairs to add a landing

Rail Options

  • Attach Railings to stairs
  • Create stand-alone Railings
  • Railings attached to Stairs can be updated when the base element changes
  • Highly configurable range of options
  • Configure balusters / guard rails independently to hand rails

"Cadimage still has the best stair tool on the market in my opinion."
- website feedback, 2013


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