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Cadimage tools and ARCHICAD extensions products by Cadimage can now be accessed at The mega site showcases the best of breed design software for the architectural and manufacturing industries. You also have immediate access to training, support, hardware, recruitment and systems integration solutions for all your design needs.

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Cadimage Objective has been designed to greatly increase your ability to model in 3D in ARCHICAD, in a way which feels like a natural part of the environment.

The Objective tool now combines the functionality of the Cadimage Extrusions and Slab Edges tools. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool that gives you everything you need to bend, split, rotate, align and modify elements in your ARCHICAD Model.

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Objective allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily Rotate objects in 3D without any programming 
  • Split 2D and 3D Elements while still preserving the elements' underlying options and parameters
  • Create Profiles to retain complete control over the shape at every segment. The profiles can also be easily updated after creation
  • Align elements in section, elevation, or 3D
  • Automatically set the Display Order of an element on the elevation
  • Bend objects and profiles to follow a 3D curve


Using this tool, you'll be able to easily extrude profile sections along a given path in free space. Create custom building components, shape and trim scotias, furniture moldings and more.

A collection of preset profiles are provided which include a range of common steel sections. Plus, you can also quickly create additional custom profiles to suit your own needs.


Slab Edges

With this tool your slabs can have rebates, upstands, and foundations.

Use them to create great-looking, accurately detailed edge shapes for cabinet counters without having to use custom-built objects.

Easy to use - just click on the edge of your slab to place. Don't want the edge anymore? Select the edge and delete it, and your slab is back to the way it was.

Screenshot of Slab Edges settings

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