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Finally - a simple solution to Electrical Layouts. Place electrical symbols with a single click, plus create linked circuits, schedules and more.

With the Cadimage Electrical tool, placing electrical symbols is not only simple, but smart too. Just set the elevation you want when you place them, and the symbols will automatically rotate and position themselves to your walls when you click to place them.

The Electrical tool comes with a library of Power Points, Switches, Jacks, and other Wall Plates, which can all be shown as either the Wall Plate itself, or the individual components that Wall Plate contains.

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"Once installed and loaded, [it] makes life pretty simple... Just select all the elements you want to wire up, and then with the click of one button, Cadimage Electrical automatically draws in the wiring for you."
- BIM Engineering Solutions Blog


Making Circuits

Making circuits is simple too - just select all the elements you want to wire up, and then with the click of one button, the Electrical Tool automatically draws in the wiring for you. When you move elements that have wiring attached, the wiring will follow along, so there's no need to clean up your wiring as you change your Electrical Layout.

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Screenshot of the Electrical Schedule

Create Electrical Schedules

You don't have to learn a new technique in order to create your Electrical Schedules - simply use ARCHICAD's built-in Scheduler. It will automatically display all the relevant electrical items only once, along with its description and manufacturer details.

All items in your Electrical Schedule are listed separately by library part name and ID. You can also add descriptions and codes, set placement heights, and add other useful information to each item.

Included with this Tool are a set of Templates for Electrical Schedules that you can import and modify to suit you.

From here you can also create an Electrical Legend.

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