If you are new to Cadimage Stairs for ArchiCAD 18 follow these steps to get up and running as quick as possible:

Download and Install the Tool
This includes configuring some settings within ArchiCAD

Read through the Getting Started Guides
These guides get you into Cadimage Stairs for ArchiCAD 18 as quick as possible, light on detail but quick on results

If you get stuck you can refer to the Forums
Chances are if you have a question, someone has asked it before

Once you get through this and feel confident with Cadimage Stairs for ArchiCAD 18 you are ready for some detail:

Check out the Knowledge Base for a complete overview of all the functions of Cadimage Stairs for ArchiCAD 18

Keep an eye on the Release Report - As we update our Tools and fix issues we keep a track of this so you can keep updated on what we've done

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