Release Reports

Find out which issues were resolved in each release of the Tools.

Keynotes 6.06

Released: 04 September 2017

[KNT-192] - Tooltip incorrect for 'Update' button
[KNT-195] - Include ID or Category only not working in Schedule Settings - Text Format Category - Text Style
[KNT-224] - Keynote label margin hotspots not working
[KNT-241] - Keynotes pointer connection
[KNT-242] - Keynotes label text moves positions on a migration file

Keynotes 6.05

Released: 27 July 2017

[KNT-231] - Top key missing on 2nd row onwards in keynote schedule
[KNT-233] - A Zero appears under the schedule header.
[KNT-234] - Can't drag notes onto other folder or notes in Windows computers on 6.04
[KNT-236] - AC Crashes when editing railings with Keynotes Palette opened.

Keynotes 6.04

Released: 15 June 2017

Initial V21 Release

Keynotes 21.0

Released: 15 June 2017

Initial V21 Release

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