Release Reports

Find out which issues were resolved in each release of the Tools.

Detail Elements 8.01

Released: 25 July 2017

[DET-19] - Cannot migrate favorites for Detail Elements
[DET-38] - Rebar 2D - some rods are behind the cage/starter
[DET-42] - Timber member cross lines change pen
[DET-48] - Cadimage concrete block section top block dimension is working incorrectly
[DET-51] - Cylindrical break line
[DET-70] - Lining set down setting incorrectly linked to the framing thickness
[DET-75] - Wallframe insulation is truncated by Top Plate
[DET-76] - Cadimage Wall Frame Section Lining dimensions are wrong
[DET-78] - Cadimage Bolt UI cut off
[DET-79] - Cannot edit Cadimage Weld symbol arrow
[DET-25] - Packer/sealant/PEF rod combination object
[DET-36] - Brick plan Detail Element, have an extra editing node
[DET-80] - Screws standard size suggestion
[DET-71] - Weld symbol

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