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QUESTION: Introductions - Say Hi!

Posted on: 25 March, 2011

First time here? Just visiting?

Whatever you are here for, take a moment to say hi.

Posted on: 18 Mar, 2014

Hi Pete here.

Using this forum as an intro...

I've been using Archicad / cadimage since Archicad v6, long time... 

These days I teach Archicad in a 6 month course in Tauranga.

Cadimage rocks, apart from the odd foible / quirk, it's always had them and I try to look at them as personality traits.

Posted on: 13 Nov, 2013

Just some feedback, and not good I'm afraid. Came looking for the sets of billboard plants for Artlantis, but your prices are crazy high, most of the links to more info about the various sets (down the RHS) are broken, and some of your info panels about Artlantis seem to contain nonsense info. Sorry!

All the best - will visit again in a while.


Posted on: 05 Sep, 2013


I've just loaded your Point Cloud BETA object file into one of my project libraries and notice that a sample point cloud file already exists.  However, importing my own XYZ data from the 3D laser survey we conducted remains....a bit mysterious.  I can see the table with values in it but can not see how to import point cloud data from the XYZ files I already have.  I can create meshes of course from these XYZ files but with all of the triangulation, these can be hard on the eyes especially for clients.

I'm sure I'm missing something plus its late/early here in Phoenix, AZ.  ANy pointers on how I can import my own XYZ data into the point cloud tables that you have in the lcf file?



Posted on: 16 Jul, 2013


Thanks for the info on your point cloud tool.  We have a real need for such a tool even if most 3D laser scanners only support Windows.  The ability to create meshes from FARO or LEICA scanning software files is increasing in importance.....we are dealing several large projects where 3D laser scanning is being used (by us) as we "speak". 

Let me know how best to get you the files that we have.




Posted on: 08 Jul, 2013

Hi Phillip

Our point cloud tool is in its very early stages, our focus shifted when V17 was released to ensure everything was fully compatible & working better than ever in 17 which was a lot more work than anticipated. As we round off this development and a few custom projects we will certainly get back into that & allow it to handle bigger point cloud files. If you want to send us one we can use as an example when testing feel free to create a support ticket & we will forward this on to our developers. 



Posted on: 06 Jul, 2013

Hi, I'm Phil.  I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona and have been an ArchiCAD user for several years.  I was also involved with the development of very early BIM systems in the UK (OXSYS BDS and GDS) in the mid 1970s...I know, the stone age.

We've done some high resolution 3D lasewr surveys and have XYZ files from Point Cloud data that I think....hope springs eternal....that the Cadimage add-on can open up.  Right now, ArchiCAD crashes with XYZ files larger than about 3MB.......

Posted on: 06 May, 2013

HI All,

Been using Cadimage WD builder since version3.5? now I need a little help. Heading over to the help section next

Posted on: 04 Nov, 2011

would like to know how to leave an open window using the plugin cadimage because there is no demo showing this possibility.

Posted on: 21 Sep, 2011


Been using ArchiCAD for a while now, recently had version 15 on Windows 7, 64 Bit, i7 etc....

Is it only me? I noticed that the mouse pointer/arrow is not precisely accurate.  Whenever I point to end of walls, lines, or any point on any's always slightly away from that point for about 2-3mm on screen.

For some reason the screen capture did not show the arrow, i just showed it with a dot.

Further, theres always a portion of the image on the right side of the working area/screen.

What's going on?

Is it only me?


Posted on: 16 Aug, 2011

Hi, I am using the new polystair for the first time.  fantastic, easy, and other superlatives 10/10.  it is so good it will mark the end of single story design from me, even if the client wants single story i am still going to put stairs in using the polystair.

Posted on: 05 Jul, 2011

Hi Josh & everyone else out there.

Thought i better join and make use of this useful info you have to share with everyone Josh :-P

Posted on: 24 May, 2011

Hi there! 

Posted on: 07 Apr, 2011

My image comes from my Facebook link - me thinks? Better with an avatar - perhaps. 

Posted on: 07 Apr, 2011

BTW, where do I upload a user picture? I didn't see anything at My Cadimage—>Edit My Details. I don't know where else to look.




Posted on: 06 Apr, 2011


I'm back using Cadimage tools for the first time since version 10. I know I will have some questions for the experts and I plan to post feature requests if I can't find satisfactory solutions. Hope you're ready. I am. Lets do some work.




Posted on: 30 Mar, 2011

Hi Jeff, welcome to the forums.

The forums is are for community discussion about the tools, not technical support.

I have logged a ticket for you from your forum post, but in future please create a new support ticket, or just email

Posted on: 30 Mar, 2011

I feel ike I am in the big white room.......and there's an echo of my voice. Oh yeah, time delay, or time differnec I keep forgetting. 

Saying Hi!!

It's very white isn't it here?

I do have a question though 

Posted on: 30 Mar, 2011

OK - I was trying to find out why it is that if I change cladding(covering) types or modify any aspect of a wall covering, or details - the model does not update, but instead seems to overwrite the previous so you see collectively all claddings and all changes on a wall? Weatherboards over corry etc - If I add a window into the wall - it is ignored by wall coverings and does not cut it out.

What is going on here - have I missed something Joshua. 

Posted on: 25 Mar, 2011

Hi, I'm Josh, on of the Support people here at Cadimage.

At the moment, I'm working on checking all these new websites to make sure they are OK for everyone to use.