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QUESTION: How do I get a Trial Version?

Posted on: 28 March, 2014

To download your Cadimage Software, first go to our website
Then at the top right choose log-in. (register or log in)

Then go to MyCadimage and Downloads, or just click here after logging in:

You will be brought straight on to the ArchiCAD 17 tools downloads
Select the version you require on the left hand side (There is a list of Cadimage to download specific for an ArchiCAD XX version)

There will be 2 options, Download Win and Download PC

For detailed instructions on the installation process: 

PC -

You may need to activate the tools after installation.
To do this, inside ArchiCAD, go to Cadimage>Activate>Activate my tools. Connect using the same email & password as you used to login previously, then select all your tools & choose 'Activate Trial'
There is more detailed instructions on this process, here: