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QUESTION: I'm a SELECT customer for Cadimage New Zealand, how do I have access to the ArchiCADSelect objects?

Posted on: 28 February, 2014

For ArchiCAD 17, the ARCHICADselect objects are being provided via BIM Components.

You can access all these objects direct from the Objects tool in the ToolBox. Once you have found the object that you want, hit Download and Embed.

The advantage of having them all available online instead of the stand alone download, is that they will always be the latest version when we update them in future.


These have all been updated & simplified to be easier to use.



If you haven't registered already:


1. Register in  or log in with your user and password:




2. Log in in the website, copy the registration number.


3. Enter the registration number in Help>license information in your ArchiCAD:




4. Once your objects are embedded they will remain with the project.


If you are migrating a project from ArchiCAD 16 it would be best to add the old library rather than have to download each object individually. To do this, copy the ‘ARCHICADselect Library’ folder from your ArchiCAD Library 16 to a general location like your Graphisoft folder or a server.
Then in ArchiCAD go to File>Libraries & Objects>Library Manager.
Click ‘Add’ and browse for that folder & click ‘Choose’.
This will load the library you are used to and all objects will migrate without issue.