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Cadimage Tools Release Reports

Bracing 4.21

Soft Licensing Support Added
[BRC-14] - Shorter braces give incorrect brace value
[BRC-17] - Can choose a brace type that isnt applicable to the length of the brace
[BRC-21] - Brace Setting for Earthquake Soil class not as it was in ArchiCAD 17
[BRC-22] - Default Text, Pen & Line type settings for Cadimage Brace object
[BRC-25] - Wind BU cell does not highlight when units unachieved
[BRC-26] - Constraints set to 'Ratio' by default

Cabinets 6.11

[CAB-12] - Upstand won't be displayed accordingly to the Model View Options
[CAB-13] - Cabinet UI breaks in Mac Yosemite
[CAB-14] - Text settings are greyed out - preset status locking them
[CAB-24] - 'Finger Pull' handles cannot be attached to the bottom of doors
[CAB-27] - Missing surface rotation option
[CAB-29] - Lots of Pen number is less than 1 or greater than 255 issues in Cadimage Cabinet
[CAB-33] - Pelmets change their pen to dotted/dashed on migration
[CAB-34] - Pelmet appearance settings missing line settings & fill greyed out
[CAB-38] - Custom Cabinet Doors do not work
[CAB-11] - Panel Angle missing in AC18
[CAB-37] - Plan symbol to show upstand positions

Coverings 3.20

[COV-140] - Image GDX throws error on ArchiCAD start
Includes fixes from Coverings 3.19:
[COV-89] - Trim extends beyond opening in split claddings
[COV-91] - Horizontal trims ignore cavity offset
[COV-92] - Downpipe is not centered in gutter in Plan View
[COV-93] - The flashing line does not show on Story Above
[COV-97] - Wall coverings change to 'Existing' status automatically when placed either as 'New' or 'To be Demolished'
[COV-98] - Wall Covering 'to be demolished' won't display the wall opening of a door/window 'To be demolished'
[COV-99] - Downpipe pen display will ignore the 3D+Section setting
[COV-104] - Wall Coverings Pen Display options blanks out interface
[COV-105] - Roof covering downpipe appearance settings won't grey out the preset settings
[COV-106] - Roof Covering downpipe appearance settings, the use custom settings button doesn't work for Line Style
[COV-118] - Edge Types dialog doesnt work for placement of Coverings
[COV-121] - Column covering fail to place at the correct angle
[COV-122] - Roof covering gets inverted in this roof
[COV-131] - Opening trims are truncated at floor level
[COV-54] - To display as a symbolic cut the coverings in multiple stories

Doors + Windows 5.52

[DAW-314] - Image GDX throws error on ArchiCAD start
Includes fixed from Doors+Windows 5.51:
[DAW-164] - Schedule Notes disappearing on rebuild
[DAW-210] - Overlight mullion is not aligned with the door
[DAW-220] - Hole is not cut in wall if frame extension is set to a negative value
[DAW-221] - Custom panels do not show in Interactive Scheduler
[DAW-244] - Schedule: ArchiCAD frame material not showing correctly
[DAW-253] - Cadimage Window appearing as a missing dot in Schedule
[DAW-255] - Louvres wrong way round in Door Tool.
[DAW-258] - Join Adjacent windows use Pen 10 in Schedule
[DAW-259] - Setting values for Text Layout in Door Schedule elements doesn't work
[DAW-261] - To Model button fails if windows on locked or hidden layers
[DAW-267] - Shim spaces do not show
[DAW-269] - Door Leaf Label does not show correct Leaf Height
[DAW-272] - Unticking shape dimension causes door dimensions to be wrong in schedule
[DAW-273] - Missing settings in Cadimage Door
[DAW-274] - Right leaf width cannot be zero
[DAW-277] - Doors fail on migration
[DAW-278] - Migrated Windows have broken user interface
[DAW-287] - Interior trm continue under leaf fails
[DAW-288] - Latest buid breaks Corner Windows - no longer removing wall at corner junction
[DAW-289] - Window object allows zero height, sometimes causing crashing
[DAW-290] - Edge Offset results mirrored 2D / 3D
[DAW-303] - Incorrect leaf height dimension

Electrical 3.21

[ELE-35] - Can the actual and default values for all Electrical components be the same
[ELE-37] - Electrical add-on causes entire hotlink module to deselect itself
[ELE-48] - User Interface goes blank if you go into other settings
[ELE-54] - Moving a wall plate symbol crashes ArchiCAD
[ELE-6] - Default & Actual current ratings should be the same
[ELE-44] - Unable to remove the Actual A value from plan when different than default.

Framewright 2.26

v18 Release

Installer 2.00

Complete Redesign
V19 Support Added

Installer Updater 2.00

Complete Redesign
V19 Support Added

Keynotes 5.11

[KNT-33] - Unticking Live edit adds some 7:Services notes to Label Contents
[KNT-57] - Keynotes no longer has long description
[KNT-106] - Keynote categories dissappear if you turn Titles off in schedule
[KNT-107] - Key remains bold even when setting turned off
[KNT-112] - Keynotes schedule title is not aligned in some cases.
[KNT-118] - Bad data in default object
[KNT-120] - Cannot turn off Category in the Schedule in Mac
[KNT-125] - First key treated as Category if there are no categories
[KNT-133] - Error report on opening Migration file in 18
[KNT-136] - Frame for Keynotes schedules always defaults to horizontal lines on migration
[KNT-137] - Category in schedule gets broken in schedule on migration
[KNT-139] - Keynote labels loose fomatting on migration
[KNT-10] - Edit keynote frame format and keynotes spacing
[KNT-47] - Edit keynote label text width with editing nodes
[KNT-49] - Schedule text alignment
[KNT-70] - Adjust column size for font size changes in Keynote label
[KNT-87] - Sub Level Keynotes do not clean up correctly.
[KNT-45] - Wish: To edit the text position/distance for schedules

Objective 2.62

[OBJ-23] - Extrusion objects are seen on 'all relevant stories'
[OBJ-37] - Slab Edge - 3x slower than previous versions
[OBJ-38] - Slab Edges do not clean up when nodes are joined together
[OBJ-60] - Slab edge end offsets in plan view
[OBJ-62] - Can't provide a fall to the rebate slab edge
[OBJ-69] - Timber Curved member interface broken - goes blank after any edit
[OBJ-71] - Extrusions and Slab Edges Tools have strange names in Toolbox
[OBJ-75] - Images missing from Custom Settings UI in Objective objects
[OBJ-79] - Rectilinear member using old surface - different than the rest
[OBJ-64] - Change 'About Objective' menu item to 'Objective Help'

Stairs 6.31

[STR-145] - Stringer missing from all upper flights
[STR-146] - 2D array collapses to 1D
[STR-148] - Stairs completely fail to migrate

Update Checker 1.06

**Initial Release**