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Cadimage Tools Release Reports

Bracing 4.21

Soft Licensing Support Added
[BRC-14] - Shorter braces give incorrect brace value
[BRC-17] - Can choose a brace type that isnt applicable to the length of the brace
[BRC-21] - Brace Setting for Earthquake Soil class not as it was in ArchiCAD 17
[BRC-22] - Default Text, Pen & Line type settings for Cadimage Brace object
[BRC-25] - Wind BU cell does not highlight when units unachieved
[BRC-26] - Constraints set to 'Ratio' by default

Cabinets 6.02

Soft Licensing Support Added
[CAB-8] - L-Profile drawer handle defaults upside down
[CAB-9] - Shelves outline does not show

Coverings 3.18

[COV-84] - Coverings lose openings
[COV-85] - Fill is missing for the Concrete Section in Precast Slab
[COV-86] - Openings fail to migrate in Wall Coverings
[COV-88] - Coverings ignore Standard Window Opening

Doors + Windows 5.42

[DAW-180] - Dimensions flip when V17 D&W schedule is opened in V18
[DAW-241] - Cannot control Glazing Bar dimensions in Frame&Glass > Glazing
[DAW-262] - Windows show mirrored in schedule
[DAW-121] - Shadow lines between garage door panels
[DAW-135] - Exterior trim cannot be moved on plan
[DAW-143] - Leaf Marker offset (Cadimage DW Marker / Leaf Marker)
[DAW-203] - Remove schedule margin hotspots

Also includes version 5.41 changes:
[DAW-138] - Schedule does not recognise ArchiCAD Doors orientation or mirrored status
[DAW-142] - Calculated Area and U-value doesn't update
[DAW-170] - Extra lines around glazing in shaded schedule
[DAW-171] - Missing lines in 'shaded' schedule
[DAW-173] - Cadimage markers don't respond to view angle
[DAW-175] - Schedule border pen error when pen is 0
[DAW-178] - Schedule: ArchiCAD windows do not orientate correctly
[DAW-179] - Glazing bar dimensions cut off in Door Tool
[DAW-184] - Roller Garage Door has missing UI images
[DAW-189] - Glazing Surfaces parameter doesn't work
[DAW-195] - Grid alignment problem
[DAW-200] - Leaf Pen in Cadimage Window is incorrect
[DAW-201] - Exterior Trim pen in Cadimage Door set incorrect
[DAW-204] - Dimension to Mullion Centers adds additional Dimension in Schedule
[DAW-205] - Flipped window does not dimension correctly
[DAW-206] - Leaf size covers Door Leaf
[DAW-207] - Cadimage DW Marker flip UI bug
[DAW-211] - Window trims change to simple using NZ MVO 07
[DAW-213] - Windows schedule 180 degrees out
[DAW-214] - Door drops to project zero on choosing Header to Wall Top.
[DAW-216] - Interactive image is wrong on first opening the settings dialog
[DAW-225] - Schedule dimensions fail with independent mullion width
[DAW-234] - Repair tool doesn't work on window objects
[DAW-230] - Retain schedule note setout on update
[DAW-25] - Wish: Cadimage DW Marker; to have an editing node to move the door leaf dimension

Electrical 3.16

Soft Licensing Support Added
[ELE-4] - Symbol Preset Text style is too large
[ELE-7] - Elements should not be able to be added to multiple circuits
[ELE-9] - Components show as circles in section/3D views
[ELE-11] - Can't wire a powerpoint into an electrical circuit.
[ELE-13] - Electrical symbol sometimes gets the wrong orientation
[ELE-22] - Components snapping to renovation 'hidden' walls
[ELE-25] - Can't set leader line attributes for wall plates
[ELE-26] - Deleting a circuit element leaves the wiring unchanged
[ELE-27] - Deleting circuit wiring symbol should select the elements that were originally connected by the circuit
[ELE-31] - Cadimage panel interface goes blank
[ELE-32] - On updating the Default Circuit Wiring preset, the newly placed circuits dont use its settings

Framewright 2.26

v18 Release

Keynotes 5.08

[KNT-111] - Import creates duplicate key
[KNT-116] - Switching off Key display in Keynotes Schedules doesn't make them disappear

Objective 2.61

Soft Licensing Support Added
[OBJ-23] - Extrusion objects are seen on 'all relevant stories'
[OBJ-35] - An object placed in an elevation looks nothing like the preview
[OBJ-41] - Slab Edges doesnt acknowledge the reference plane position of the slab
[OBJ-42] - Object defaults to 'All Parameters...' after changing profile
[OBJ-44] - Slab edges: Stair won't match section attributes if slab is composite profile
[OBJ-49] - Clicking anywhere inside a slab crashes ArchiCAD
[OBJ-50] - Placing a Slab Edge on a Slab on a locked layer unlocks the layer
[OBJ-51] - Clicking on the first vertex of a slab doesn't place slab edges on all edges only the first one
[OBJ-52] - Clicking on a hole edge in the slab, places the slab edge on the outer polygon
[OBJ-53] - Copy&Paste/Merge Module produces wrong results
[OBJ-54] - Wrong Slab Edge Finishes (Top, side and bottom) when Slab is a composite
[OBJ-55] - Slab Edges in Module ungroup after moving

Stairs 6.21

[STR-112] - If you set the Stair to have no break line in MVO it turns everything else off
[STR-114] - Railing break line no longer updates
[STR-119] - Handrail hand extension
[STR-121] - Handrail 2D symbol doesn't match the 3D model overall length
[STR-123] - Stair treads don't show on section/elevation
[STR-124] - Handrail display stops in the stair break line, even if settings are to display in all flights.
[STR-117] - Railing handrail defaults

Update Checker 1.06

**Initial Release**