• Using ArchiCAD for Green Design and LEED

Education for Building Professionals

This package reviews how to use ArchiCAD to analyze a design for sustainability and energy evaluation. We will review methods within ArchiCAD for analyzing a building including sun studies, building calculations and energy evaluation. We will also review how to work with external building analysis solutions such as Ecotect and IES.

  • Class TopicLevel
  • Overview of using BIM Tools in Sustainable Design & LEEDBasic
  • During this particular eClass in the series, we'll review how ArchiCAD can be used to facilitate the process of sustainable design including building analysis and calculations required for LEED certification.
  • Creating Daylight & View Studies for LEED Building AnalysisIntermediate
  • During this particular eClass in the series, we'll review how to create daylight and view studies for design evaluation as well as how to use these studies to meet the requirements for LEED certification.
  • Using Ecodesigner for Energy EvaluationAdvanced
  • During this particular eClass in the series, we'll review how to use EcoDesigner as an add-on to ArchiCAD 14 or 15 as an early design tool to evaluate the energy requirements of a design.
  • Using ArchiCAD 16 Integrated Energy AnalysisIntermediate
  • In this eClass we will review the new Energy Evaluation Tool and how it differs from the earlier version known as EcoDesigner. You will learn how to integrate this new tool into your design process and how to setup your ArchiCAD model for energy evaluation.
  • Integrating with External Energy Analysis ToolsAdvanced
  • This class reviews how to collaborate with external energy analysis tools, such as Ecotect and IES, using gbXML and IFC.

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