• New Features for ArchiCAD 16 and 15

Education for Building Professionals

This package will provide you with an overview of new features in ArchiCAD 16 and ArchiCAD 15 including the Morph Tool, BIMcomponents.com, the integrated Energy Analysis, 3D interactions, multi-plane roofs, custom geometric shapes, tools to manage renovations and new productivity features.

  • Class TopicLevel
  • ArchiCAD 16 OverviewBasic
  • This eClass is focused on giving an overview of ArchiCAD 16's the three primary new features themes; Modeling, BIMcomponents.com and Energy Analysis.
  • BIM Components and Productivity FeaturesIntermediate
  • This eClass reviews how BIMcomponents.com and the integrated web connection to ArchiCAD 16 can improve your workflow. We will also review the many new productivity features that are NOT part of the Morph Tool or Energy Analysis.
  • Creating Elements with the Morph ToolIntermediate
  • This eClass is focused on an in-depth review of how to use the Morph Tool for modeling as well as for creating or editing existing objects. We will also review some the best working methods for using the Morph Tool in 2D and 3D.
  • Using the Integrated Energy EvaluationIntermediate
  • This eClass will review the new Energy Evaluation Tool and how it differs from the earlier version known as EcoDesigner. You will learn how to integrate this new tool into your design process and how to setup your ArchiCAD model for energy evaluation.
  • ArchiCAD 15 OverviewBasic
  • This class provides you with a broad overview of the new features of ArchiCAD 15 as well as discuss it's focus on tools that empower designers to create creative architectural forms with greater ease and flexibility.
  • 3D Interactions, Enhanced Model Connections & Multi-Plane RoofsIntermediate
  • This class will review how the new 3D guidelines and editing planes revolutionize the 3D space definition. We will also review how complex roofs can be modeled as single elements and edited with maximum flexibility while remaining connected as an integrated system even after editing.
  • Creating Custom Geometry with the Shell ToolIntermediate
  • This class reviews the versatility of this new tool that lets you create an unlimited variety of shapes including revolved, extruded and ruled geometries. This is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to model entire buildings as well as individual building elements or custom objects.
  • Tools to Manage Renovations and RemodelsIntermediate
  • This class reviews the new tools for renovation workflow for design and documentation. We will review the new features for Element level Renovation Statuses, pre-configured renovation plan types and powerful Customization Options that let architects create their own renovation plan types or styles.

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