• Creating Documentation with ArchiCAD

Education for Building Professionals

This package covers the process of setting up ArchiCAD to produce project documents and detail a project including a review of the Layout Book, using the Detail Tool creating custom drawing titles and understanding how to use the Project Publisher.

  • Class TopicLevel
  • Understanding the Layout BookBasic
  • This class reviews the Layout Book including how it is organized, how to create a Master Layout, the structure of the Command Buttons and using the Layout Settings.
  • Customizing Drawing Titles & Sheet LayoutsIntermediate
  • This class reviews how to create custom drawing titles and title blocks including the drafting of title block or detail title, adding auto-text, and creating a project information database.
  • Setting Up for Printing and PublishingIntermediate
  • This class reviews how to use Project Publisher in ArchiCAD including publisher settings, saving views to the Publisher, publishing to saved files, publisher to print, publishing to PDF and publishing to DWG.
  • Creating and Editing DetailsBasic
  • This class reviews how to create 2D and 3D details including adjusting the marker, creating a detail, placing the detail, changing its settings, adding linework and editing the detail.
  • Managing a Detail LibraryIntermediate
  • This class reviews how to setup a detail library including creating a detail publisher set, naming conventions, library management, details from PDF files, library setup and importing DWG details from manufacturers.
  • Using Interactive Schedules & Project IndexesBasic
  • During this eClass we will review how to use the interactive Door and Window schedules as well as review how to use the Project Indexes.
  • Creating Custom Building SchedulesIntermediate
  • During this eClass we will review how to customize building schedules for door and window schedules, area calculations, equipment schedules and LEED.

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