• ArchiCAD Project Mgmt & Standards

Education for Building Professionals

This package is focused on how to setup an ArchiCAD project to work best with your office standards and graphical preferences. We will review Project Preferences, Attribute management, Layers, Composites, View Sets, Tool Settings, Favorites and Navigator strategies.

  • Class TopicLevel
  • Understanding Project PreferencesBasic
  • This class reviews the project settings in ArchiCAD including Project Preferences, Working Units, Dimensions, Calculation Units, Zones and other miscellaneous preferences.
  • Setting Up Defaults for a Project TemplateIntermediate
  • This class reviews how to setup a template for ArchiCAD including customizing Attributes, Favorites, Navigator and creating an ArchiCAD Template File.
  • Managing Layers & Model View OptionsIntermediate
  • This class reviews how to manage layer and view option combinations including storing and modifying layer combinations and model view options, creating new combinations, and changing view combinations on the fly.
  • Setting Up Composites for Walls, Columns & BeamsAdvanced
  • This class reviews how to use the Renovation feature in coordination with the Layer Settings including the Renovation Palette, Renovation Filter Options, customizing the filter and managing renovation element status.
  • Managing Multiple Pen Sets & the Benefits of Pen SetsAdvanced
  • This class reviews how to use pen sets including the pen set dialog box, naming pens, the pen organizational scheme, what not to modify and strategies to apply pen sets to project documentation.
  • Creating and Managing Saved ViewsAdvanced
  • This class reviews how to manage saved views including saving a preview, saving with drag and drop, saving with different button methods, View Map management and placing a saved view on a layout.

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