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Helping ArchiCAD users get the most out of their software

  • + Do you ever feel like you’re doing things the long way around?
  • + Does it seem like you’re fighting ArchiCAD rather than having a good friend?
  • + Have you given up trying to figure out how some features are supposed to work?
  • + Do you really want to understand the best AND fastest ways to get things done?

Do these points seem familiar? Am I reading your mind? For 20 years as I’ve helped architects and other design professionals I’ve kept hearing similar complaints, as well as fervent pleas: “Help Me!”

You need to figure out how to make things work — I’ll help you. Along the way, you’ll learn the general principles that stand behind the surface challenges, and pick up lots of little “gems” – the tips that will make you go “wow – I had no idea you could do that!”

This product is developed and/or supplied by Bobrow Consulting

About Bobrow Consulting

Eric Bobrow has been using and teaching ArchiCAD since 1989. Formally an ArchiCAD Reseller in Los Angeles Eric has a thorough knowledge of all things ArchiCAD.

Website: http://www.acbestpractices.com

Email: eric@bobrow.com

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