Easily create accurate cabinetry within ArchiCAD


Design all of your cabinets using Cadimage Cabinets.

Using the new library you can easily model flat and curved cupboard doors & drawer fronts. Mix and match from a generous palette of editable panel styles and handle types to create that unique look.

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Our interiors section religiously uses this tool, form carcases through to complete cabinet work. It is their starting point, and allows us to quickly model our joinery.

John Coglan / 23/01/2008

I have been utilising Cabinet builder since it's Theometric days and use it regularily in all my models. It is fast and easy to use. If the actual builder can't do it then, there is the option of fabricating the carcas yourself and adding the Cabinet door object to finish it off. The detailing is great, the interface is clear and all options are logigcally placed.Could do with more cabinet door choices eg roller type, lazy susan....just some thoughts.

John Steen / 23/01/2008
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