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The BIM Explorer provides fast and easy 3D navigation in an ArchiCAD project: gravity, fly-mode, egress recognition, as well as real-time element-information display, helps architects to explore their design with greater clarity than ever before. Throughout the virtual tour the building model can be displayed by hidden line, shaded or Global Illumination - rendering techniques, different stereo viewing modes can be activated turning the walkthrough into a unique design experience. A standalone, interactive, 3D presentation package can be created at any stage of the design and sent to any stakeholder - clients, builders, etc. - as a single, executable file. Without having to install any application or software on their computer these stakeholders will experience the same professional, 3D project presentation and be able to benefit from a real-time interactive walkthrough of the architectural design.

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Graphisoft New Zealand has been supplying and supporting ArchiCAD in New Zealand for over 20 years.



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