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FrameWright has been designed to help oak frame designers harness the full power of ArchiCAD through the addition of vital 3D tools and objects.

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Designing an oak frame construction in a CAD program can be particularly difficult given that many of the components will have irregular shapes that cannot be described parametrically.

However, by adding FrameWright to ArchiCAD you can convert any user-defined shape (drawn using any of the standard ArchiCAD tools for drawing polygons) into a framing object.

Developed in the UK with input from leading oak frame specialists, FrameWright allows designers to:

  • Create and apply custom profiles to any section of the design
  • Easily rotate and position framing
  • Calculate materials and hours required to complete the project
  • Create and distribute schedules
  • Provide a 3D visual of the project for client buy-in.


Easily rotate your framing

FrameWright allows you do draw your framing in plan view initially, and then tilt it into the correct position (using ArchiCAD's built in 2D rotation tool) in the model when ready. All the rotated objects can still be individually edited (including further rotations). Objects may be rotated in the Floor Plan and Section/Elevation windows.


Designing, assigning and assembling joints can be a time consuming operation - which is why FrameWright is designed to make the process as quick and accurate as possible. After assigning your own variables to the project, FrameWright can calculate the project time, cost, and total materials required for each of the joints in the project.

Scheduling and Budgeting

Once the jointing designs are completed, FrameWright can develop scheduling plans, estimates, material requirements and labour allocations based on this information.

The FrameWright tool also has a complex and flexible scheduler which allows you to export Timber Schedules and Cutting lists, and send them directly to the yard to be manufactured.

FrameWright for Visualisation

Once the project model is complete, it can be used to show customers (and subcontractors) what their finished product will look like.

Potts comments: "This is an impressive benefit, and one which often helps to 'seal the deal'."


FrameWright is usually customised to the needs of individual companies, so we suggest you contact us to request further information relating to how the software can be integrated into your workflow.

Timber and Steel Library Objects

FrameWright comes with a library containing a range of commonly used Timber Objects. These objects are accessed with the Framing tool, and work just like standard ArchiCAD library parts.

FrameWright also provides a library of commonly used steel types via its Steel Libraries.

"Framewright... more than made back our outlay over the first two and a half years of using it."
- Tim Potts, Director
Oak Frame Carpentry Company, UK


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